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Intel has completed the security breach plan: microcode

2019-05-27 23:15 The author:Administrator

For tens of billions of computer CPU Spectre ghost, before Meltdwon fusing two kinds of security threats, Intel update follow up again today, says it has released for the past five years the processor provided BIOS security updates, and in the second half of the shipment of the eighth generation of core processor provides hardware level protection loopholes.

Intel's official website published in the name of the CEO division again, press releases, said "earlier this year in order to solve the Google Project Zero team found vulnerabilities, Intel, and science and technology industry faced a major challenge. Companies -- and even competitors -- will work together to cope when the need arises. Encourage everyone to make sure their system stays up to date. This is one of the easiest ways to get lasting protection.
First, let's look at what Intel has done in the last few months:
To block Spectre ghost first variant bypass border inspection hole, Intel has been issued for the past five years the processor provides a micro code updates, while these updates will be integrated into the motherboard BIOS, system patches, requires the user to update itself. However, because the BIOS update is not automatic, there are some operational difficulties, not all users will be, the popularization is still too troublesome.

For Spectre ghost the second variant branch target injection and loopholes Meltdwon fusing malicious data cache injection, Intel has completed the improvements of the processor architecture, redesigned the protection mechanism, the introduction of new protection level through the partition. The eighth generation core processor of the second half of 2018, and the new generation Xeon Scalable to strong Scalable processors, are designed to eliminate bugs from the hardware level.
But Intel here the eighth generation core processor, and may, and our existing desktop, ultra low voltage processor is different, they are already forming production of hardware design, improvement may not be realistic, great effort is the only possible in the second half of this year, Intel will launch the Cannon Lake, because the eighth generation core is in a specific period, with a particular architecture technology, is a mixed bag.

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