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NVIDIA's new GTX 11 series graphics card will be released on August 20

2019-05-27 23:15 The author:Administrator

Last night, NVIDIA officially announced on its website that it will host GeForce Gaming Celebration in cologne, Germany, on August 20 local time. Considering the rumors that NVIDIA will release a new generation of graphics CARDS in August and September, it is not difficult to contact the relationship between the two.

GeForce Gaming Celebration is scheduled for August 20 at 18 p.m. Central European time, or 0 a.m. Beijing time, ahead of Gamescom, the world's largest Gaming event. However, the specific location, NVIDIA to everyone left a suspense, only the successful registration and participation of the activities of the friends will be notified by email, it is quite mysterious.

At the cologne electronics show in Germany (Aug. 21, solstice, Aug. 25), NVIDIA has a showroom to show off the latest games with game developers and even get a head start. There will also be speeches and special surprises from game developers around the world during the exhibition. As for how many surprises, it is not clear. However, you want to see whether the new video card will be released in the first place. It doesn't matter if you can't go to the scene. NVIDIA will provide live broadcast.
But NVIDIA a new generation of graphics true enough mysterious, not just don't get called GeForce GTX 20 series and 11 series (the bigger probability), and even architecture is a mystery, the early stage of the rumors is Volta, but later added to enable Turing architecture as the game graphics, but can be confirmed that the new graphics card will use 12 nm FN process, is not so radical AMD on 7 nm, support GDDR6 memory is nailing on board. But consumers, no matter what you call them or what architecture you use, can get a big boost in performance, and whether it's affordable or not is a real concern.

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