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AMD 16 core Threadripper second generation processor has been out of sample,

2019-05-27 23:15 The author:Administrator

Since 2018 AMD CPU and GPU roadmap also steadily, launched earlier this year Ryzen APU, mid-april released 12 nm technology of second generation Ryzen processor, 16 nuclear 32 threads Threadripper second generation processors now also have a sample to the customer, will be released soon. The next step is the new product of the 7nm process. AMD says that the CPU and GPU are all designed, and the second generation of 7nm products is on the way.

Based on various AMD ever jump ticket in history, the market is very attention to AMD can be step-by-step product launches, after AMD CEO Sue appearance abundant in quarterly earnings conference call on stress their roadmap is steady progress, everything is ok. When it released the Ryzen Pro processor yesterday, AMD released some new briefings, covering the CPU, GPU roadmap, and Guru3D.

AMD in 12 nm LP nodes in addition to the second generation sharp dragon - Ryzen 2000 series, and the second generation Ryzen Threadripper processor, from the perspective of the fact of before have Threadripper 2950 x/x / 2900 x 2920, 16 nucleus, nucleus, 8, 12 architecture will also upgrade to Zen +, combined with the frequency of 12 nm technology continue to improve, improve the delay.
Officials say the second-generation Threadripper processor is already out to customers. As for the release date, it is expected that AMD will officially release the series of processors at the computex exhibition in Taipei next month, and officials have already announced the launch event.

Other processors, 14 nm of Zen, Zen of 12 nm + processor already in March last year, released in April this year, the next generation is Zen 2 architecture, process technology upgrade to 7 nm, AMD said Zen 2 core has completed the design, compared with Zen architecture will be multi-dimensional comprehensive improvement.
The Zen 2 processor is expected to be released in 2019, and the Zen 3 architecture is currently on the road, and is expected to be released in 2020, with the process upgraded to 7nm+, and GF will enable EUV technology on the second generation of 7nm technology.

In terms of GPU, 14nm Vega has been released last year. This year, there will be a 7nm Vgea processor. Previously, it has been shown that there is a stream of 7nm Vega, which is available at the end of the year, but Guru3D said that the production was launched in 2019.
There will be a new generation of Navi GPU in 2019, which should be the last generation of GCN architecture, known as the GCN 6.0 architecture.
The GPU in 2020 has not yet been identified. It is directly called the Next generation of Next Gen.
In a word, AMD in 14 nm / 12 nm node on the new product has been released, or forthcoming, and the focus of the next generation is 7 nm process, first by the mature architecture of Vega GPU, 2019 large area application on CPU and GPU architecture, only the CPU, GPU, use contract may not be the same, as usual, the CPU is GF foundry, gpus are either TSMC, or TSMC, GF respectively part of contract.
, according to GF before their 7 nm process and improve the technological level thanks to the transistor, 7 nm LP process than expected, the performance will be more than 40% higher than 14 nm FinFET, the core area of reduction degree is more than twice that of 14 nm technique.