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The mini X399 motherboard was born: ASROCK will launch X399M Taichi

2019-05-27 23:15 The author:Administrator

If say which new motherboard manufacturer like most now, champion of the synthetic, two days before yesterday the synthetic said it would launch the world's first mobile Micro ATX X399 motherboard: synthetic X399M tai chi. From the name of X399M Taichi, it can be seen that the design idea originated from the Chinese firm X399 Taichi, which retains most of the functions of the latter and reduces the version to Micro ATX specifications.

X299 and X399 inborn is only suitable for ATX or E - ATX motherboard, if make M - ATX can only do the simple and crude "subtraction" on it, so the synthetic X399M Taichi with only four memory slots, three PCI - E x16 slot, which occupies a space where can indeed shrink, but X399M Taichi or keep 11 phase of digital power supply and three m. 2 slots (because the mainboard only a positive, the other two are likely to be on the back) and shall not affect the design of the main function.

In general, the Chinese firm X399M Taichi is only slightly reduced in extensibility, and no other places have changed. In addition to the X399M Taichi, the company will also have a new X299M Extreme 4 motherboard and Z370 DeskMini GTX quasi-system at CES 2018.

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