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Intel Core i7-8700k desktop CPU release

2019-05-27 23:15 The author:Administrator
With the next big operation of the toothpaste factory, the Intel company has released 8 more core desktop cpus, and there is no official data on the performance and price of CPU.

An unknown site Youtube technology anchor Karl Morin in Canada Dreamhack MTL, 2017 (8 September - September 10) found on a HP komen host, the above with an Intel Core i7-8700 - k, after he find a display for the Core i7-8700 k for the run, end of the 6 Core processor CineBench R15 multithreading running for 1230 cb, single thread for 196 cb

But today's cpus map on a website shows the test data for this desktop-grade CPU.

By the data of Core i7-8700 - k single-core performance is at the top, like the 7700 k is also a 14 nm specifications, 95 watts of power consumption and 1151 slots only with i7-7700 - k is not the same place is i7-8700 - k to 6 nuclear 12 threads, but also the fundamental frequency decreased from 7700 k of 4.2 MHZ to 3.7 MHZ
The processor that USES the Coffee Lake architecture has been upgraded to 6 cores from Core i5, with the highest positioning Core i7-8700k as the 6 Core 12 thread and the three-level cache of 12MB. The base frequency is 3.7 GHz, the rui frequency is 4.3 GHz,
* processor arithmetic operation: 217.98 GOPS (i7-7700k: 150.00 GOPS) increased by 45%
* processor multimedia test: 659.57 Mpix/s (447.76 Mpix/s) increased by 47%
* processor encryption: 10.47 GB/s (9.34 GB/s) up 12%
* processor single-precision: 61.41 GFLOPS (48.51 GFLOPS) increased by 26%
* processor dual accuracy: 32.11 GFLOPS (24.40 GFLOPS) increased by 32%
Positioning the lowest as the Core i5-8400 for 6 Core thread, does not support hyper-threading, base frequency of 2.8 GHz, frequency of 3.8 GHz, three-level cache for 9 MB, also adopted the synthetic Z370 Pro4 motherboard test, Core i5-7600 k for performance improvement compared with the same lot.
This new Coffee Lake has a great improvement over Kaby Lake from the data, and the increase of the core quantity brings a very intuitive performance improvement. Now let's see what the pricing aspect is, but it's worth poking fun at whether it's the main board compatibility issue, which is also the LGA 1151 interface, but not compatible with the previous Z270 and B250 motherboard.