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Intel processor hole big! Qualcomm also told the truth

2019-05-27 23:15 The author:Administrator

Security incidents derived from the Intel processor's "vulnerability gate" continue to be fermented.

According to foreign media CNBC reports, qualcomm announced on Friday, in view of the recent exposure chip level security holes, are struggling to develop updates, deployment solution in the affected products, and continue to strengthen product safety. Qualcomm did not say which products were affected.

According to previous reports, two security breaches, Meltdown and Spectre, have been blamed for the incident. Meltdown allows low-power, user-level applications to "overstep" access to system-level memory, resulting in data leaks.

Spectre can fool a security check program, allowing the application to access any location of memory.

In addition to Intel processors, ARM's cortex-a architecture and AMD processors are also affected. Many of qualcomm's products are based on cortex-a, including the latest flagship snapdragon 845, which also USES ARM's cortex-a75 core.

Loopholes for the event, however, AMD released yesterday responded that recently reported research is in a controlled, which are mentioned in the special circumstances of the laboratory, extremely rich team, by knowledge processor were studied with the very specific, undisclosed information, the threat has not been described in the public domain.

This applies to both Intel and AMD, so users of any product need not panic.

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