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Waiting for the Volta video card? handy is a knife: GTX 1050 3GB version.

2019-05-27 23:15 The author:Administrator

A new generation of game CARDS is expected to release more information at the computex show in Taipei next month. But ordinary people is how to think how could NVIDIA's, video card to the new architecture, the existing Pascal graphics will also get a knife - before the GTX 1060 knife castrate the GTX 1060 5 g version, now it is up to the GTX 1050, yan is out of the GTX 1050 3 gb version.

NVIDIA GTX 1050 CARDS issued in October 2016, which now more than a year, in the $one thousand level graphics market still hale and hearty, core, 640 core CUDA, 640 - bit GP107 bits wide, 2 to 4 gb of memory, the common memory is 2 gb version, the price as low as one thousand yuan.
Roadside clubs reportedly GTX 1050 graphics later there will be new products, increase between 2 gb, 4 gb memory a 3 gb version - this news lets a person mentally, earlier castration GTX 1060 6 gb version of the graphics is to memory a wide bit neutered from 192 to 160 - bit, got out of the 5 gb memory capacity, and now the 128 - bit a how wide the knife?
Considering GP107 core native place is 128 bits wide, the new product, may increase the bit width and 3 gb memory between 2-4 gb, most likely continue to castrate 32 bit wide, into a 96 - bit, just half of the GTX 1060 bits wide, capacity.
If not castrated memory bits wide, maintain a 128 - bit wide, it is likely to adopt before used asynchronous memory capacity allocation, GTX 1050 CARDS now commonly used four memory, with 3 g version is 2 1 gb, 2 512 MB, but this kind of configuration and need to find the right memory grain supply, after all, the current capacity of 512 MB of memory should be numbered.
As for NVIDIA eventually adopt what kind of, I'm guessing, if a constant wide, so 3 gb version of the GTX 1050 can also be regarded as an enhanced version, if it is 96 bits wide, the video memory bandwidth declined, while capacity increase, the performance is not better.
With 3 gb version of the GTX 1050 video card knife, calculate the NVIDIA in two years on the memory configuration but for many, it is moving in the right direction to the long, such as 9 GBPS version of the GTX 1060 11 GBPS GTX 1080 graphics CARDS, graphics CARDS, the result is too expensive, vendors are not consumers. More commonly, a knife, such as the GGTX 1060 5G version, and the recent DDR4 GT 1030 graphics card, which saves costs, will be followed by NV and video card makers.
For consumers, we are not sure what the performance of the 3G GTX 1050 will be, so don't wait for the good or bad news to come out later.

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