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RTX 3090 vs. RTX 2080 Appearance: Thick and long and tall

2020-08-22 17:29 The author:Administrator

As NVIDIA's latest 30-series video card gets closer to its release date, there are also various reports of 30-series video CARDS coming out. Twitter user @garnetSunset has just sent out two images of the RTX 2080 versus the RTX 3090 graphics card.


Although this isn't the first time pictures have surfaced of what the 30-series video card looks like, the RTX 3090 is actually much bigger than the RTX 2080, which is tiny in comparison. If the photo is real, then the RTX 3090 will take up 3 slots, which is not a problem for the entire tower or middle tower case, but a headache for those who want to use the public graphics card on the ITX case. However, this is only a public design, and it is unknown whether AIC will follow this design. In addition, if it is really a three-slot card, there may be more video CARDS equipped with integrated water-cooled, after all, the thickness of the video card can be basically controlled within the mainstream dual-slot.


In addition, it can be seen from the picture that the turbo radiator of the RTX 3090 is really long. The length of radiator in the public VERSION RTX 2080 is about 27.2cm, while the length of the public version RTX 3090 is much longer than this, which is estimated to be about 33cm. Of course, judging from previous leaks, the 30-series PCB should not be as long as the radiator, so AIC will probably not be as long as the public version.

And @GarnetSunset also shows the price of a 30-series graphics card. Note, however, that these prices may have been deliberately released by NVIDIA to prevent real price leaks, so the final price is likely to differ significantly from them.

According to @garnetSunset, RTX 3090 is $1,400, RTX 3080 $800, RTX 3070 $600 and RTX 3060 $400.