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Nvidia's official video explains how gpus get hot, Share the design idea of 30 series public version graphics card cooling scheme

2020-08-27 17:12 The author:Administrator

Graphics card heat dissipation design has always been a very important issue, graphics card heat dissipation not only ensure its long-term stable operation, and based on the modern graphics card frequency automatic improvement technology, better heat dissipation design can also make the same GPU chip burst out of stronger performance. As nvidia's latest 30-series graphics card gets closer to its release date, the company recently released a short video in which nvidia's graphics engineers share their ideas behind the development of the card, devoting a large section to cooling design.


Nvidia also animates GPU heating in this video, and shows how nvidia's corporate graphics cooling solutions have evolved over the past few years. Nvidia emphasizes cooling as one of its core innovations, and wants to explore new ways to make air cool the graphics card more efficiently. To that end, the upcoming GeForce Ampere Founders Edition graphics card cooling solution has an optimized airflow design.

The new GeForce Ampere Founders Edition graphics card minimizes radiator components without affecting structural strength, features a new thin design for the four spring screws that connect the PCB to the radiator on the back, and reduces electrical clutter by introducing a new compact 12-PIN power interface.

In the video also shows the graphics design can meet the chassis down suddenly when hit, or case in vibration environment for a long time, the graphics card can still run normally, in the video the graphics card in the box after shock produced large deformation, it seems the high precision technology of electronic products is far more than we think "strong".


Although the video did not appear GeForce Ampere raised Edition of graphics, but some local features, the structure of the PCB abnormity and compact 12 - power Pin interfaces are in conformity with previous leaks, so believe leaked photos before also generally is correct, no matter how, just a few more days time we will be able to see new generation nvidia graphics, looking forward to the nvidia can bring players how to surprise.

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