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In the heart of the sun god, you are the first

2019-05-27 23:11 The author:Administrator
Asus has been making great efforts in the electromechanical industry recently, showing its determination to meet the needs of different products of DIY players. Meanwhile, asus also launched the first case of player nation -- ROG STRIX HELIOS. Asus has also made a lot of efforts for the first launch of the mid-tower chassis in player nation. Three sides of super toughened glass and the RGB panel supporting AURA SYNC are equipped on the front. All these show the solid materials and novel ideas of the chassis, making the installation more creative.
At the same time, the majority of water cooling players to get the chassis, also began according to their own rationale for the chassis and the water cooling transformation. Barrow has always been committed to providing water-cooled players with the best split water-cooled solution, and Barrow also provides players with the best pipeline layout and heat dissipation scale solution. The integrated waterway board solution has always been a water cooling solution recognized by players. Based on this, Barrow has also equipped ROG Strix Helios with its own waterboard solution.

The water board integrates the functions of water tank and pipeline, greatly reducing the operation difficulty of water cooling installation and pipe bending process, as well as lowering the threshold for entry of water cooling beginner players into the water cooling hall.

The water board adopts the scientific internal cavity structure to connect the heat source and cooling cooling exhaust with scientific flow diversion. Through the scientific and effective flow diversion connection, the water-cooling liquid can conduct effective conduction/heat release work in the water-cooling system, giving full play to the cooling efficiency of water-cooling hardware in the PC host.

In order to ensure the reasonable air duct of the whole machine and reduce the wind noise of the whole machine to the maximum extent, when installing water cooling, the front panel adopts the reasonable combined installation mode of fan and cooling exhaust to provide good air duct support for the front air circulation and achieve temperature and noise reduction in one go.

In addition to the ROG Strix Helios Helios, the water inlet and outlet of Barrow's water inlet and outlet are reserved with a g1/4 threaded hole and a family design of waterproof apron groove. Players can install the water pump through the two compatible ways of the water pump on the Barrow water inlet and outlet. To meet the players on the appearance of water pump installation and easy to operate and other requirements.

Barrow is committed to providing high-end water-cooling solutions for MOD players, so that players can have a better experience has always been our goal.