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Cool it. We're gonna start with the baby

2019-08-30 10:10 The author:Administrator

Bought high-end PC hardware, must be the whole machine to change the water can match the configuration of the magic machine, but for meng xinxiaolai, cold head, cold row, pump, connector, pipe scheme, what the hell are these


For the novice, it is necessary to do a lot of work in advance to assemble split-type water cooling, understand the compatibility of CPU cooling head and motherboard platform in advance, find the corresponding video card cooling head and each connector it has the function and use method. These are big projects for beginners.

For the start of the installation of split-type water cooling players, it is better to start from the integrated water cooling, the integrated water cooling relative to split-type water cooling, greatly reduced the difficulty of installation of water cooling, but also can enjoy comparable split-type water cooling cooling efficiency.


With its safe, efficient, convenient and fast use experience, Barrow dazzle CPU integrated cold head improves user satisfaction.



The optical system of illusory lights is integrated inside the cold head, and the illusory illusory lights can be emitted without the need of external controller.


The one-piece cold head is made of aluminum alloy. While maintaining the appearance, it adopts anodic oxidation process to improve the overall texture of the cold head, so that the whole performance and appearance of the cold head has an excellent use experience and appreciation.



High pressure reinforcement and multi-layer sealing treatment are adopted at the water pipe connection of cold head. High pressure reinforcement and multi-layer sealing treatment can eliminate the risk of leakage of integrated water cooling liquid. Rotary fine-tuning interface facilitates the adjustment of pipeline direction during installation. The subtle structure of the product takes into account the user's experience in each step of the installation process.


Copper bottom plate is used to directly touch the CPU core, heat is absorbed quickly, and the water flow can quickly flow through the bottom plate and take away the heat absorbed by the bottom plate through the high-speed operation of the pump.


Leng head can support the mainstream 115X, X99/X299 and AMD full platform installation, simple installation process and super compatibility, improve the players in the later stage of the platform replacement convenience.


The friendly interface can connect lighting products in parallel and connect them to asus 5V AURA lighting interface for lighting synchronization, or connect them to the 5V lighting interface of giga main board through complimentary wiring. Can achieve mainboard lighting synchronization.



Actual machine test:

Test platform:

CPU: 9900 k

Main board: ASUS M11F

Hard drive: samsung 970 EVO m. 2

Cooling: Barrow flash 240CPU all-in-one water cooling radiator desktop PC all-in-one cold row LTCPR-240

240cpu满载温度暴力熊硅脂.png(standby 37℃)


(full load 53℃)

When 9900K CPU is fully loaded, it is pressed to the temperature of 53℃. The integrated water-cooled temperature toaster test is comparable to the cooling efficiency of the same scale of cold exhaust. Compared to the installation mode that wants to install water-cooled, but does not want to be too troublesome, BARROW integrated water-cooled is a good choice.