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The era of water-cooling intelligence has arrived, BARROWCH released a separate water-cooling intelligence product

2019-11-02 11:53 The author:Administrator

BARROWCH water cooling has been deeply rooted in the water cooling industry for many years, and has been committed to providing excellent use experience for senior water cooling players, with rich experience in product development and quality market feedback.

Water-cooled products based on the actual experience and water-cooled players for water-cooled concerns, BARROWCH innovative intelligent temperature protector, when the water cooling system internal temperature reaches the set warning value it can pass the internal voice equipment protective measures to prompt the player, if long time no operation can also provide a protective shutdown operation, this function can achieve unattended equipment use.


The intelligent water temperature protector can set the early warning temperature through the top button. If the real-time temperature has exceeded the early warning temperature, the alarm will prompt the player. At this time, the player can implement protective measures through the early warning.


The alarm value of water temperature can be set freely between 0℃ and 99℃. If the temperature of the cold liquid exceeds the set temperature when no one is on watch, the alarm mode can be awakened and shut down. In this way, liquid leakage and hardware damage caused by overheating of the cold liquid temperature can be avoided.


It doesn't matter if you're the "cautious type" who switches off when you're over the set temperature, the "buddha-like type" who doesn't panic when you're confident in your abilities. There is a pattern that works better for you.


Equipped with a 1.54 inch OLED display, multiple interface Settings, more human-computer interaction mode


With only one connecting cable, the equipment can be used normally, and the installation trouble of software and driver can be avoided.


The two keys on the top can set the intelligent water temperature protector, A can switch the interface, B can switch the mode and setting temperature, and AB combination button can return to the initial interface. Small buttons have big functions.


The intelligent water temperature protector is equipped with a 1.54 inch OLED display screen, which can display more status data. The choice of POM material can reduce the pressure of the pipeline and prevent the over-pressure of the equipment to bend the water pipe.


Barrowch has been committed to improve water security, the use of the product within the intelligent temperature protector with intelligent alarm and shutdown protection function, to achieve this function reflects the people-oriented, convenient use, plug and play, from the drivers and multifarious procedures such as installing third-party software only connected to the corresponding interface can be realized each function of normal use, Barrowch intelligent temperature protector for players to experience the intelligent water products, intelligent water products era has arrived.