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Torrent into | Barrow to inject new soul into asus Helios Helios case

2019-12-31 14:30 The author:Administrator

The Helios Helios chassis released by asustek for esports is also a good choice for assembling split type water cooling chassis. The front 420 and top 360 super cooling scale show the friendliness of split type water cooling system.

Based on years of experience, BARROW has designed a water-cooling scheme for asus Helios Helios chassis, in which each water-cooling accessory is a high-end water-cooling product combination. Barrowch smart water pump, Barrowch digital display bridge, and Barrowch digital display color screen CPU cooling head all highlight the noble pedigree of the water-cooling scheme.

Reasonable water-cooling scheme layout is also a magic weapon to improve the heat dissipation efficiency of the water-cooling system. By designing a reasonable water-cooling scheme layout, BARROW team has improved the efficiency of the whole cooling system.

After the cold liquid is transferred to the graphics card by the water pump for heat absorption, it will first pass through the cold exhaust heat dissipation and then conduct to the CPU for heat absorption, so as to give full play to the heat absorption of the cold liquid and the heat dissipation capacity of the cold exhaust, through a reasonable pipeline layout, the heat dissipation efficiency to the maximum.

Serving water-cooling enthusiasts while creating superior water-cooling solutions has always been BARROW's pursuit, and will present a better water-cooling product experience, giving players more choices.

hardware configuration

Hardware configuration list:

CPU:I9-9900K                                            3799

MB:ASUS ROG STRIX Z390-E GAMING         1999

GPU:NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080                  8859

MEMORY:Apacer  NOX 8GB 2666 *4          1196

PSU:ANTEC HCG 850 GOLD POWER                     899

Water Cooling:BARROW Complete set of water cooling cooling                      4599

CASE:ASUS ROG STRIX Helios case        1999

  *The product price comes from jingdong/Tmall mall

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