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Raptor coming | BARROW asus STRIX 3090 series video card cold head with you experience the ultimate heat dissipation performance

2020-11-27 09:51 The author:Administrator
The asus Raptor 3090 with graphics card is finally here! Ultra conventional power consumption of 30 series graphics card heat has been far more than the first two generations of graphics card, often full load and high utilization of the players, in order to protect the hardware, in order to improve work efficiency, in order to promote environmental protection and in order to protect world peace, it seems necessary to install a graphics card cold head!

Then the player is more concerned about which graphics CARDS this cold head can be compatible with. After more compatibility, I can buy a cold head and install it on several other graphics CARDS. Right, asus Raptor 3090 BS-ASS3090-PA this cold head can be compatible with the following four graphics CARDS

Players using the above four graphics CARDS can use this one graphics card compatible, do not have to worry about the problem of unsuitable

At the same time, the cold head also supports the original graphics card backboard installation, full of faith, can not be lost.

The biggest feature of the new 30-series video card is undoubtedly its unique heat dissipation mode. Instead of the previous heat dissipation mode, the radiators are protruded from the video card PCB, so that the video card cooling fan can blow through the heat dissipation fins, thus increasing the heat dissipation efficiency.

Because of this, after the cold head is compatible with the original backboard of the video card, the cold head will be much larger than the video card PCB, but its heat dissipation efficiency is only increased.

On one side of the bottom plate, it is not hard to see that the contact position of the bottom plate can provide the GPU core of the video card, 12 video memory around the core, power supply inductance and power supply MOS for fitting heat dissipation

In today's increasingly high power consumption of video CARDS, heat dissipation has become a problem that needs to be solved. Even video card manufacturers have to lengthen the length of heat dissipation radiators to enhance the overall heat dissipation of video CARDS. For those of you who pursue higher experience and lower temperature, what you need now is a piece of our video card cooling head