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Young, will fire all open!!

2019-05-27 23:11 The author:Administrator

MOD host has been the pursuit of the majority of players PC ultimate goal, because every part of the MOD host and every screw is showing the charm of personality MOD.

This unique MOD host is a prototype of BARROWCH's ALPHA split channel cabinet. The modification of heavy weapons on both sides makes the whole machine full of fighting atmosphere.

The aluminum alloy parts of the prototype machine are processed by CNC with the whole aluminum alloy and anodized, which can ensure that the machine will not be oxidized in a long time and maintain the original overall color.

Open case
The overall structure of the ALPHA chassis is open, which can provide a good cooling environment for the chassis and the hardware as a whole, and improve the cooling function of the whole machine.

Top flip switch construction
The top is equipped with an open dustproof cover. Players can observe the operation status of hardware inside the machine intuitively through the opening and closing of the top dustproof cover, and achieve the dustproof effect.

Portable mounting rack for motherboard
The mounting bracket of the main board is of movable slide structure. After installing the main board and moving the main board to the ideal position, tighten the four screws at the bottom to stabilize the support.

Dual card slot graphics card holder
The machine supports the installation of video CARDS with a length of 290mm, a width of double card slots and a height of 130mm, leaving enough space for players to give full play to their whole machine.

Integrated waterway board
The ALPHA chassis is internally integrated with waterway board structure, which greatly facilitates the construction of the whole machine pipeline by players and simplifies the waterway layout. It not only reduces the heat dissipation efficiency, but also increases the aesthetics of pipeline layout.

Double 240 cold row mounting position
The chassis is equipped with a double 240 cold row mounting position and a single 120 fan cooling hole on the top, so that the heat dissipation scale can quickly dissipate the accumulated heat in the hardware and the chassis, and keep the machine cool.

2.5 '*2 and 3.5' *1 hard disk mounting bits
The back of the case is integrated with a dual 2.5 'hard drive' and a 3.5 'hard drive mounting bit. Even users with large storage capacity can taste the wonderful feeling brought by the ALPHA case.

The legs are free to change
The leg USES the rotating shaft type connection structure, each joint of the leg can adjust the direction through the rotating shaft, what posture the chassis puts -- you have the final say!

Lower power installation position
The power supply adopts lower installation, the overall center of gravity of the chassis moves down, and the chassis placement is more stable.
The design concept and overall structure of the ALPHA chassis all exude the spirit of self-improvement that DIYer pursues, and meanwhile bring the DIY players to a new level.
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