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From complex to simple, from black and white into full color, hair on the touch!

2019-05-27 23:11 The author:Administrator
Open history, open memories, let us slowly expose the age

1983 the world's first mobile phone, the MOTOROLA DynaTAC 8000x, was introduced

A small row of monochrome screens shows only digital Numbers and signal strength
In 2001, Ericsson T68, the first color screen mobile phone, was introduced

(in those days without WeChat, what a luxurious aristocratic sport it was to play gluttonous snake with color screen mobile phone)
On March 17, 1958, the first TV set of China produced by tianjin communication, radio and television factory came out -- Beijing brand 14-inch black and white TV set

On December 26, 1970, China's first color screen TV set came out

This is 12 years later, tianjin communication radio and television factory produced China's first color television set, is the tianjin communication radio and television factory, the Chinese people great, tianjin people 666.
On October 23, 2017, China's first water temperature display CPU split water cooling head was launched - BARROWCH
Barrowch, the high-end sub-brand representing Barrow's highest technology level, has also taken this historic step in the field of split water cooling:

This is the first digital display product under the banner of Barrowch, which has the actual monitoring module of water temperature and integrates the temperature display screen. This is an epoch-making product for Barrowch. In the most direct way, it presents the most critical temperature data of heat dissipation equipment to users in such a close range.
On December 25, 2018, the first split CPU water cooling head with dynamic color screen technology was officially released by BARROWCH

Today, we have taken another historic step. The new cold head USES the new manual switching multi-scene true color dynamic LCD screen technology, from the previous black and white display mode to the color display mode, this step, the boot animation alone is the performance of incisively and vividly:

At the same time, we added a brand new graphic LOGO on the head of the cold, using "frozen shark" as the "Barrowch" brand graphic LOGO, the addition of graphic LOGO brings a stronger overall appearance of the product artistic beauty

The new cold head continues the previous precision CNC processing technology, the use of the overall aviation grade aluminum alloy raw materials, after a number of CNC processes, the surface of the anodic sandblasting process, the aluminum alloy surface to establish a layer of protection, anti-oxidation and anti-corrosion, to achieve the purpose of surface insulation and extend the service life.

J in 1900. Stuart. Cuny's, making the first animated film "charming picture", the first animated film making, let people see on the screen can display the animation effect, local animation into, given the cold head perfect move feeling, in the cold head of internal integration in three different dynamic display mode, players can use cold head with thi

mble, click on the left upper corner of the screen hole for switching between the three models.

Cold head can be detected between 0 ℃ ~ 99 ℃ temperature range, when at different environmental temperature, temperature display and display the progress bar will present a different dynamic color.
The time display module is integrated inside the cold head at the same time, which can display the accumulated time of the single power on the device on the screen. The addition of these key data can make it more convenient for players to collect real-time temperature, the accumulated time of the single use and other key data.
Cold head adopts full-color TFT type screen as the image output carrier. Full-color screen can make players more convenient and fast in data extraction. The refresh frequency of the temperature data in the center of the screen is 1ms/ time. The refresh mode of the screen data adopts the refresh mode of the nostalgic version of the movie projector to refresh the data on the screen. In this way, it not only refreshes the temperature data inside the cold head, but also adds people's memories of the old days.

At the same time, the color screen version of the cold head showed strong compatibility, including 115x, X99, X299 platform, including the installation of three mainstream platforms.

Cold head interface aspects, by the joint on the generation of digital display screen products double double upgrade to a new generation of 5 v power supply input single joint, greatly enhance the user's minimalist interoperability, joint access when using only the cold head of preset Barrow's LRC2.0 internal lighting and lighting control system of the cold head can be full color temperature monitor screen to light up at the same time, greatly enhance the user experience.

At the same time, the cold head is integrated with the LRC2.0 lighting system of Barrow, which can present the asynchronous static and dynamic lighting effects of light beads and dazzling-around lighting effects, and can be synchronized with some motherboards through the 5V light wiring of Barrow

New color screen cold head adopts advanced art style, and has a large full-color screen plus, and take into account the strong compatibility of three mainstream platforms, wise you, what are you waiting for?