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Winter has come to experience the power of "ice" and "fire"

2019-05-27 23:11 The author:Administrator

Power alone can destroy everything, just as a lion never CARES what a sheep thinks:

The dragon mother once relied on her three dragons to gallop the right to swim for as many as three seasons, although the strength is very strong, but in the seventh season, or was shot by the giant ghoul, although the strength of the three dragons is very strong, but the huge size in the air became its disadvantage, was finally shot by the giant ghoul.

However, we should do the same in other aspects. We should not only highlight our strong strength, but also push ourselves forward in other aspects so as to avoid one side becoming our weakness.

In PC is the same as in the original mechanical hard disk storage medium of the hard disk to the later 2.5 solid-state drives, has been developing to the present small m. 2 solid-state drives, the read and write speed soared, shrink is from 3.5 to now only 22 mm width of m. 2 solid-state drives, but ultra small volume when making super fast read and write, inevitably leads to high heat, for m. 2 hard disk for its high calorific value become soft rib of affecting its performance.

So, for improving the cooling efficiency of M.2 hard disk has become the most important. Barrowch's M.2 solid state drive digital display cooling kit of aluminum alloy achieves this purpose, which not only achieves the purpose of cooling the hard disk, but also presents the real-time temperature of the hard disk in front of your eyes.

M.2 solid state disk digital display heat dissipation kit is made of aluminum alloy raw material as a whole and processed by CNC through multiple processes. Moreover, the surface is anodized.

M.2 hard disk digital display heat dissipation kit added ultra-thick fin heat dissipation, can fully absorb and distribute the heat emitted by M2 hard disk, at the same time endows the temperature real-time display function of M.2 digital display heat dissipation fin, players can intuitively see the real-time temperature of M. When you want to observe the real-time temperature of the hard disk, you don't need to look up the monitoring software of the hard disk on the Internet, just watch the integrated temperature display of the cooling kit.

   The digital display heat dissipation kit can support the installation and use of M2 hard disk with specifications 2280 and 22110

(identify the two-dimensional code in the figure and watch the video version installation tutorial)
Game of ice and fire, let's witness: