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What happens when boxfish meets American hipster

2019-05-27 23:13 The author:Administrator

Release of multiple 4 china-us team performance than anyone imagined, waving a quake, summon lightning, plus the boo sexy figure, gains a great sister, recently, BARROWCH "cowfish" and Ann resist his own heart, always insist to take exercise, finally, again to enchant a magical skills - "little ass"

The pump is equipped with a strong power pump, which can provide sufficient power support for the whole water-cooling system. The water-cooling system has a continuous supply of cooling liquid to achieve the purpose of cooling the water-cooling system. The addition of the "hip" simplifies the operation difficulty of the split assembly, and carries the water outlets on both sides, making the waterway layout more comfortable.

The bottom is equipped with a 1.54-inch OLED display screen, which can monitor the temperature of the cold liquid inside the cavity in real time and the accumulated time of single power on. When using it, you only need to use the bonus pair of wiring to connect the three-pin interface below the screen to the "FAN" interface of the main board, and adjust the FAN mode of the corresponding interface to "full speed" in the main board BIOS. Screen central set range of 20 ℃ ~ 80 ℃ temperature guage, players can also be used by observing indication of the progress to read internal real-time water temperature.

The back of the water tank is equipped with two grooved fixing brackets, which can be fixed in the ideal position of the chassis through the grooved fixing brackets and additional screws. At the same time, in the back of the groove fixing bracket, in addition to the integrated thread fixing hole, it is also equipped with a long form fixing hole, which is convenient for players to move back and forth in the long form fixing hole through screws to achieve the ideal fixing position.

The LRC2.0 lighting system is installed inside the pump box I water tank. The LRC2.0 lighting system combined with the acrylic main panel with high light transmittance can show the gorgeous lighting effect. (this effect can only be achieved with the LRC2.0 light controller owned by BARROW.) there is also a light belt mounting hole on the other side, and if the player is not satisfied with the current lighting effect, the internal lighting effect can be enhanced by adding a light bar.

Pump box a body tank is issued 150mm and 200mm two lengths, two sizes can be used with the existing market size chassis specifications.

The front panel and the back pump aluminum alloy heat dissipation kit all use aluminum alloy panel, the aluminum alloy panel added to improve the overall quality of the pump box, but also for its overall add a hint of industrial wind.

Aluminum alloy panel and back water pump heat sink adopt anodic oxidation process, can achieve long time use without fading.

The front panel and back water pump cooling kit are matched in the same color. The existing black and silver colors are available for selection, which will be a perfect match for your project.

The water pump on the back is available in 18W and 17W configurations, with large flow and long head. There is always one suitable for you.
Needless to say, let's take a look at the parameters of the two pumps:
17W pump parameters:

18W pump parameters: