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What is the origin of the five "thrusters" on the back of the Mobula c

2019-05-27 23:13 The author:Administrator
In fact, the five pillars on the back of the Mobula chassis are the new t-virus spiral water tank of Barrow, which is combined with the Mobula chassis to give players a visual effect similar to rocket thrusters. In general: "the whole family is organized. "
Water tank as a water cooling system inside the liquid storage container, its importance in the water cooling system inside the importance of needless to say, I believe that many friends also understand the importance of water tank in the water cooling host. As the water storage place of the whole water-cooling system, the water tank should not only provide continuous water for the whole system and ensure the normal heat dissipation inside the system, but also carry powerful lighting effect. The water tank has a long way to go in the whole water-cooling system.

Barrow's new virions not only enhance the look of the tank, but also enhance its functionality:

The diffraction light
The internal clamps on both sides of the water pump are made of acrylic with high light transmittance as raw materials, together with the external hollowed-out aluminum alloy shell, so that the light can be emitted to the extreme even in the cover body parts on both sides.

Aluminium alloy clamp cover
In the cover body of both sides of the tank, an innovative acrylic cover interlayer is added. The acrylic interlayer with high light transmittance can not only improve the overall light transmittance of the T virus water tank, but also isolate the direct contact between the internal cold liquid and the outer aluminum alloy, so as to better protect the aluminum alloy body.

CNC machining
Both sides of the aluminum alloy cover body part adopts CNC integrated processing, players can not only feel the metal texture of the aluminum alloy part, but also the aluminum alloy cover body part can play a role in strengthening and protecting the pipe body.

Anodic oxidation
On both sides of the aluminum alloy cover body part adopts anodic oxidation process of anodic oxidation process can be built in vitro on aluminum alloy round form a protective layer, and formed in the outer oxide color personality, while protect the internal aluminum alloy body, also formed in the outer colored oxide layer, not only can be oxidized in the aluminum alloy body protect its not, at the same time, external multicolor oxidation layer also can match different styles of installed.

Dazzle colour lights
The new Barrow virus water tank can also support the corresponding length LRC2.0 light component of Barrow. The addition of light component can enhance the lighting effect inside the water tank and make the water tank also have gorgeous lights.

The length of the new t-virus spiral tank is available in 155, 205, 255 and 305 models. The reasonable length layout of the tank can be compatible with the water cooling scheme of most cases in the market. One of the four models is always suitable for you.
The T virus spiral water tank upgraded by Barrow enhances the appreciation of appearance and performance. The T virus water tank is gradually promoted into a product integrating appearance and performance. The new T virus spiral water tank has been put on the shelf, and you can choose it