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The first public version of the BARROWCH graphics card is out

2019-05-27 23:13 The author:Administrator
In the group of players who like DIY computer water cooling, refit a high-end split water cooling scheme to attract the eyes of others is a thing to make themselves look good. Choosing a set of delicate water cooling accessories is the premise to complete a set of "powder absorption" host. BARROWCH products are the best choice to satisfy high-end DIYer.
As a high-end sub-brand of BARROW, BARROWCH has always had its own design style and is loved by a large number of players. The use of BARROWCH graphics card cold head has always been regarded as a symbol of high-end by players. The launch of the first video card cold head in BARROWCH's product line proves this fact.

BARROWCH cold head is made of aluminum alloy +PMMA+ high purity copper +POM as raw materials. The front panel is a whole aluminum alloy processed by CNC and made by anodic oxidation process. The addition of the front panel gives the cold head an industrial flavor.

Anodic oxidation technology on part of the side panel, with unique style, make the cold head in composed at the same time also has a dynamic color, at the same time, also at the bottom of the panel is equipped with a screen around each panel, the collocation of wire mesh panels and aluminum alloy panel is the combination of the firm with soft, players can experience when using cold head unusual experience.

BARROWCH graphics card cold head using high purity copper processing molding, surface using nickel plating process, cold head in the premise of not losing heat dissipation efficiency, protect the surface of its substrate is not oxidized, this is what we say appearance level and performance together!

BAROWCH fully covers the cold head bridge part of the graphics card, which is equipped with BARROWCH mirror digital display bridge head. The combination of cold head and electronic black technology makes cold head rise to a higher level again.

Multicolor front panel, solemn, mysterious black and noble, pure silver, a variety of color collocation, there is always a can meet your color scheme collocation.

Cold head integrated LRC2.0 lighting system, equipped with the lighting system, and combined with the screen and front aluminum alloy panel, the lighting effect shows gorgeous but not dazzling lights, immersed in the sea of light together.

In order to maintain the overall dynamic shape of the graphics card cold head, the size of the cold head is 6MM longer than the PCB part of the graphics card on the right side. Those who are compact inside the case need to pay a little attention to it
BARROWCH performance and beauty together ~