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Welcome to Barrowch codename "Chameleon Fish" modular water cooling

2019-05-27 23:13 The author:Administrator
In a water-cooled main engine, the main product that can determine its heat dissipation efficiency is the cooling exhaust. In the aspect of water-cooled exhaust, the fin density, the number of channels and the appearance size of the cooling exhaust can determine the overall heat dissipation efficiency of the water-cooled main engine.
BARROWCH, BARROW's sub-brand for high-end water-cooled players, has introduced a modular water-cooled platter codename "Chameleon Fish" (Chameleon Fish). The modular water-cooled platter is functionally enhanced in fin density, volume and other aspects, making the heat dissipation efficiency of the cold-cooled platter in unit area stronger than other cold-cooled platens of the same specification.

The water chamber module can be changed at will
"Chameleon Fish" modular water cooling platoon at the top of the water chamber module, launched PMMA and POM two materials, durable POM and good light transmission PMMA two materials, there is always one can meet your needs.

Moderate thickness and strong heat dissipation
The "Chameleon Fish" modular water cooling system reduces the overall thickness to 30mm on the premise of ensuring its heat dissipation efficiency. The overall thickness reduction enhances the overall compatibility of the cooling system, PC hardware and chassis.

CNC integral machining
The "Chameleon Fish" modular water-cooling rack module is processed by CNC as a whole to improve the quality level.

Multicolor border optional
The "Chameleon Fish" modular water-cooled stand module is equipped with an aluminum alloy frame, and a variety of color schemes are available. You can choose the corresponding color scheme according to the color scheme of the whole machine.

Nonpolar water chamber
The "Chameleon Fish" modular water cooling system is equipped with a non-polar water chamber at the top. The water chamber at the top does not distinguish the water inlet direction, and any water inlet can conduct normal heat dissipation.

Anodic oxidation process
"Chameleon Fish" modular water-cooled exhaust side bracket module adopts anodic oxidation process, which can keep the bright color of the bracket module in use for a long time.

The support module can be changed at will
The "Chameleon Fish" modular water-cooled discharge side bracket module can be swapped according to the actual installation requirements to keep the "BARROWCH" logo forward, meeting the ultimate pursuit of the effect of the whole machine DIYer.
The "Chameleon Fish" modular water cooler will come out with more later, stay tuned... ...
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