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MSI GTX 1080Ti LIGHTNING graphics card cold head upcoming

2019-05-27 23:13 The author:Administrator

        Shortly before the msi also launched its own flagship graphics -- msi GTX 1080 Ti from LIGHTNING this card represents the msi's highest workmanship, this generation of new LIGHTNING has 18 luxury power supply, msi GTX 1080 Ti from Z equipped with two 10 cm in diameter and a fourth generation blade fan, 9 cm in diameter in terms of heat dissipation, msi GTX 1080 Ti from Z equipped with enhanced TriFrozr cooling system, graphics card with low loads (GPU temperature falls below 60 degrees Celsius) graphics card fan stop running. Video card with such high is the increase in power consumption, power consumption increase and then is the problem of video card fever, and for the performance of the players enjoy the graphics and graphics fever of problems, we designed for the 1080 ti lightning complete coverage of the new type water head.

Graphics on the back cover from logo and added a separate heat pipe auxiliary the video card heat metal backboard reinforced backplane heat dissipation design, in order to strengthen the heat dissipation efficiency of the graphics card, our design also makes the cold head is compatible with the original card back

Such a large radiator lead to SLI graphics card can't use hard bridge, because the radiator has blocked the hard road bridge, the hard not plug the consequences of the bridge, however, can only use soft bridge, but as a senior player, a soft bridge greatly reduces the pretend bility of the entire computer equipment, water head can solve this problem, we get rid of the original three slot air cooled radiator, also reduce the load of graphics PCB at the same time, to prevent the PCB deformation also satisfy their players use hard the desire of the bridge, a complete coverage of a cold head solved the graphics card so much hidden dark disease, in water, why not do it.

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