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Barrow LRC Full Color RGB Lighting control system

2019-05-27 23:13 The author:Administrator

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1. What is LRC Full Color RGB Lighting control system

L=LED; R=RGB;C=control

2LRC Full Color RGB Lighting control system includes BARROW’s manual controller , MINI remote controller,8-way remote controller.

3. 8-way remote controller:

The maximum load of 400 beads or 7  lights with 1 meters, 8 points Road , Onboard indicator light , Multiple fixed modes.

12V Manual controller:

The color, brightness and mode control of the light source are realized by a simple and stable micro manual control panel.

12V Remote controller:

Through the RF Wireless controller to achieve the color of the light source, brightness and mode control

RF Wireless transmission distance of up to 30-100 meters, Strong anti-interference ability. RF Wireless without obstacle limitation, Strong communication stability. AndRF Wireless does not control the direction of the limit frequency, Can be controlled without dead angle 360 degrees.

RF wireless controller control.

4. LRC Full Color RGB Lighting control system compatible with BARROW’s (BARROWCH) all RGB lighting components and other independent products and built-in lighting components products.

DIY time is coming, show yourself! Up to 20 kinds of color adjustment and 10 dynamic mode switching, level 8 brightness adjustment and speed adjustment. Allows you to customize the personalized lighting effect, enjoy your creativity.