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New | Alpha v2 chassis show at Intel

2019-05-27 23:13 The author:Administrator

Yesterday, Intel officially launched the ninth generation core core processor at the Beijing headquarters of Also added a strong Z390 series motherboard for the latest core support.

In the booth area outside the venue, the Z390 motherboard as well as the MOD mainframe, which is powered by Intel's smart core processor, also made an appearance.

(Z390 series main board exhibition area)

 (MOD master exhibition area)

The ALPHA V2 case also participated in this exhibition. In terms of appearance, it is similar to the ALPHA immersion case exhibited in the technical exhibition before, but there are some differences. Let's have a detailed understanding of this ALPHA V2 case.

The ALPHA V2 case has been improved in appearance and functionality compared to the previous generation, with greater expansibility and greater selectivity in wind, water cooling and heat dissipation. Independent video card extension and large capacity storage extension are also supported and upgraded accordingly. The heat dissipation and air duct alignment are optimized accordingly. At the same time, the case also optimized the hardware assembly mode and added playability elements in the case:

Whole CNC machining:

The whole parts of the case are all made of ultra-thick aluminum and magnesium alloy sheets for CNC overall processing. The super-thick plates, solid materials and unique appearance are destined to be extraordinary.

More convenient piping layout:
The main body part of the box is integrated with the water channel plate scheme, so that players can have a more convenient way of laying pipes when installing and laying pipes. At the same time, when the player is in front of the box, you can also watch the wonderful dynamic effect of the cold liquid flowing slowly between the water boards of the box.

Air and water cooling installation:
The highest CPU radiator supports the installation of 65mm radiator. The front card position can support the installation of wind and water cooling at the same time, the maximum length of 300mm video card is supported, and the maximum position of 2-card slot video card is supported.

Open top cover:
Switch hinge design is added in the connection between the top cover and the back. Players can lift the top cover to add liquid at will or plug and unplug the equipment at the main board and graphics card. Players can operate more conveniently and quickly by opening and closing the top cover during equipment replacement.

Mobile motherboard/video card holder:
The main board mounting bracket is a sliding mounting method, which can slide the main board and the display card bracket left or right through the bottom fixing screw. The sliding element is added to the main board mounting bracket on the one hand to increase the player's playability to the cabinet, and on the other hand to increase the compatibility of the machine to the wide PCB video card correspondingly.

Supporting large-capacity hard disk devices:
On the inner back of the case, there are 2*2.5SSD hard disk bits and 1*3.5HDD hard disk bits. Although there are now large-capacity m. 2 hard disk products, the prefabricated HDD and SSD hard disk bits of the case are undoubtedly the most convenient, economical and affordable solution for high-capacity storage players, and also a test of our production and processing technology.

Variable form bottom (leg) support
Box below the leg support each of the components of rotating shaft connection, the connection between the use of damping to as a "joint" in the legs, the use of damping shaft, on the one hand can make the machine for players present a different shape and overall appearance, on the other hand, increased the playability players to machine the leg, the final is on the basis of increase the playability, at the same time, it can guarantee the stability of the whole case.

Support high power ATX size power supply
To ensure sufficient power supply for the whole machine, power mounting bracket is added to the bottom of the case, which can support ATX specification power supply for installation. If the power supply of the player is slightly longer than the standard ATX power supply, the power bracket on the bottom side can be moved to the left and right, and normal installation can be conducted.

Double 240 cold exhaust water cooling scale
On both sides of the back of the cabinet, the 34mm-thick double 240 cooling rack of BARROW can be installed. The double 240 cooling rack can effectively suppress the heat generated by CPU and graphics card, providing a more effective cooling environment for the internal hardware of the cabinet, making it more stable and efficient office and game performance.
ALPHA V2 case compared to the previous generation adds more adaptation function and enhance the hardware compatibility, it has also joined the rotational deformation such as legs and chassis the playability of the element such as wind, water installation, the machine is of the greatest pleasures in the hands of the player who "playability", believe that this case will be popular with players.

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