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| guga darkblader-g / -s water channel board is now available

2019-12-12 10:20 The author:Administrator

Already tired of one-piece water cooling, but want to experience the pleasure of two-piece, in the process of water cooling installation, water plate is indeed a good product in the process of steady progress.


Guga darkblader-g chassis is a relatively good water-cooling chassis. Based on years of experience in water-cooling and combined with the internal space of the chassis, BARROW designed a waterway plate for guga darkblader-g chassis that not only matches the internal space, but also can make full use of the internal air duct for heat dissipation.


Water board integration of water tank and pipeline layout functions, not only release the overall internal space of the chassis, but also reduce the installation difficulty of split water cooling, even if the novice road, installation is handy, no pressure



After installing the BARROW channel plate in the guga darkblader-g chassis, the front and the top can support the installation of 360 and 240 cold exhaust at maximum. After passing the two heat sources of GPU and CPU, the cold fluid can be cooled by 360 cold exhaust and 240 cold exhaust on the top. After cooling, the cold fluid can be returned to the water channel plate for the next cycle.




The connection between the water channel board and the inlet and outlet of BARROW CPU cooling head conforms to the specification of the distance between the inlet and outlet of the CPU set by BARROW. After selecting the BARROW gumi darkblader-g chassis water channel board, the player can choose any one of BARROW's CPU cooling heads for installation.


The BARROW guga-darkblader-g chassis duct board can support the installation of guga-darkblader-g and guga-darkblader-s chassis, and the duct board can support the installation of the two chassis, which also shows its excellent compatibility.


BARROW waterway board has always been committed to providing better applicable experience for players. It is compatible with more motherboard platforms, can adapt to more graphics card cooling head, and has an updated applicable case. It is our constant pursuit to solve all the puzzles of players in the water cooling journey.