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Barrowch watercooling "black tech", attack again!

2019-07-20 17:16 The author:Administrator

We have always wanted to have a set of beauty, function, shape, high-quality experience in one, and it is best to take good care of each of my PC hardware products, we put forward these requirements for water cooling products,Is it excessive??


No no no,it is no excessive. Barrowch's intelligent pump can meet all your needs.


Barrowch intelligent Pump optimizes the user experience and adds intelligent Protection Switch is a major upgrade.  Now let's know these upgrades function of the intelligent Pump and its new black technology.


Key control mode

The pump is upgraded to a front-button control mode, thus get rid of the trouble of finding the speed control knob., just press on the pump, can precisely regulate the unit level of the pump, pump speed regulation also get rid of the era of sensory adjustment.


Intelligent pump protection switch

Press the "AUTO" button on the pump to open/close the intelligent protection switch. After  turning on the intelligent switch, when the pump shuts down due to malfunction and other problems, the pump will transmit the signals to the computer to operate the protective machine , so avoid hardware overheating and protect the hardware.


OLED display

With 1.54 inch OLED display screen, it can carry more information. In the center of the screen, we can observe the real-time speed of the pump and the status identification of PWM mode "P" and manual mode "M". At the top of the screen, the "real-time power supply voltage of the pump" and the "intelligent protection switch state of the pump" can be observed. At the bottom of the screen,the real-time load power of the pump can be observed, and in one screen can display the parameters and data of the pump.


Ventilation and cooling grille

Each side of the pump is equipped with five heat dissipation grilles, when the aluminum alloy is all surrounded on the basis of the heat dissipation add the heat dissipation grilles, Add ventilation ducts to the whole pump to make the heat dissipation of the pump faster.


Aluminum alloy whole CNC processing

The pump radiator and pump acrylic cover are processed by CNC, and the bottom aluminum alloy is anodized, which can be used for a long time without color change.


Gorgeous LRC2.0 lighting system

The pump carry LRC2.0 lighting system, which can achieve synchronous and asynchronous control and various dynamic lighting effects through high-transparency acrylic. It presents brilliant lighting color. It can also connect the motherboard 5V programmable lighting interface by the switching line.


Multi-function connection interface

It should be noted that the external power supply line of the pump has many interfaces, which are responsible for various functions respectively.


Big 4PD port power supply: This interface is the power supply interface of the pump. If connecting the interface to the corresponding interface of the power supply, and it can output the needed power supply voltage for the normal operation of the pump.

2510-4pin interface: This interface integrates speed detection and PWM control functions. If you want to observe the real-time speed of the pump in BIOS and control the pump by PWM, need to connect this interface to the fan interface of motherboard.

Switch jumper male/female head: Switch Jumper female head is the connection line of Intelligent Protection Switch. If it realize the function of Intelligent Protection Shut-off, it need to connect the female head to the motherboard switch jumper on the premise of opening this function (connect double wires and one pin to the left side of two Switch Jumps). The normal switching operation can be carried out when connecting the male head and the jumper of the front panel.

Aurora lamp power supply interface: connect 3pin lamp interface to LRC2.0 lighting control system, the pump can present up to 300 kinds of dynamic and static lighting effects.

By a variety of physical interface connections, to avoid the tedious process of installing drivers and third-party software and avoid the troubles of the players in the process of using, It's the real solution to the player's troubles.


Barrowch dedicate to improving the using safety of water cooling products all the time, the pump carry the intelligent protection shutdown function. At the same time, the realization of this function embodies the people-oriented, simple and fast, plug-and-play, avoid the tedious process of installing drivers and third-party software , which can be achieved only by connecting the corresponding interface.  Barrowch intelligent water pump opens the door of intelligent products in water-cooling industry. It is believed that intelligent products will be the mainstream in the future.