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2019-06-12 09:06 The author:Administrator

Barrowch as Barrow water-cooled, high-end brands, has been to provide high-end players black water-cooled parts of science and technology, has released to the water temperature monitoring function are integrated in the CPU cold head cold inside the display type of CPU, and then successively release upgrade accessories, qiaotou, with the function of digital display monitor, video card cold head bridge release will display card into the display area.


The introduction of digital display module for players in the graphics into the installation, can be intuitive observation on the outside of the case to the graphics card head inside the cold fluid temperature, and in the case of nowadays popularity, there are many cases of vertical pack is to support graphics, the graphics card vertical pack allows players to not only intuitive appreciation to the graphics card every detail of the front, but also can see the slip like the silk like pearl milk tea cold fluid flows through the cold head plate core.

When the video card is installed vertically, players will encounter a problem, that is, when installing the straight digital display bridge module, the digital display screen is no longer facing forward, but to the top, such orientation will inevitably affect the cold head screen data reading convenience.

2.webp.jpgBarrowch directly hit the pain points in the process of players' use, and launched the video card water-cooling head vertical special 90-degree bridge head upgrade and modification accessories, allowing players to intuitively observe the internal temperature of the cold head even if the video card is installed vertically.



The special 90-degree bridge head for vertical installation of video card water cooling head adopts shock-resistant and lightweight POM as the main material. After the weight of the bridge head modification accessories is reduced, it also reduces the burden of video card PCB to a large extent and reduces the risk of video card PCB bending.


The launch of video card water-cooling head vertical special 90 degree bridge head, at the same time also conforms to the trend of video card vertical installation times, video card vertical installation and with Barrowch video card water-cooling head vertical special 90 degree bridge head can better decorate their love machine.


At the same time, in order to facilitate the pipeline layout of players, g1/4 "inlet and outlet are preset at the top and back of the bridge, so that players can choose suitable inlet and outlet for the overall waterway construction.


The vertical dedicated 90-degree bridge is equipped with 0.91 inch OLED display, which is adopted into the bridge due to its ultra-low power consumption, soft and unobstructed display effect, and the refresh rate of 1 millisecond, bringing users super-sensory experience.


The POM body at the bottom of Barrowch's vertical 90-degree bridge head and the aluminum alloy panel on the upper side were processed by multiple CNC processes. Meanwhile, the aluminum alloy panel on the top was processed by CNC, sandblasting, anode and other processes to finally present the ultimate products to players.

Barrowch has been bringing new black technologies to the water cooling industry, and constantly addressing the pain points of players in the use of the process, has been committed to showing players a brand new water cooling product experience, with more options for you.