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ITX case water cooler, Barrow pump case integral CPU cold head allows ITX case to experience the violent heat dissipation of split water cooling

2020-07-29 15:00 The author:Administrator
ITX case is popular for players to try to smaller but no less performance, came within the ITX case on cooling, ventilation, and a series of problems of high performance hardware players wanted, but limited to the narrow space of the internal, also install the cooling device of high-end, Barrow bring one-size-fits-all pump box one-piece CPU cold head perfectly solved this problem.
Barrow pump box integral CPU cold head not only can be used in ATX open case, but also can deal with the small space in ITX case, so that ITX box can be installed easily and quickly split water cooling.

Integrated hardware, the CPU cold head, water pump and water tank are perfectly integrated together, making perfect use of the small space in the ITX case.

Unique side outlet mode, rational use of inlet/inlet/injection port can better play the integral cold head performance.

Carry 49 high-density microchannels to increase the heat dissipation area of the cold head, fully absorb the heat dissipated by the CPU and conduct heat dissipation to the cold fluid.

At the same time, BARROWCH is equipped with its own unique intelligent water pump, which inherits all functions of intelligent water pump, so the core is perfect!

The OLED screen is mounted on the top of the pump, and the running state parameters of the pump are shown on the screen one by one.

After many times of precise calculation, the final size of the exterior makes the product more perfect to fit the small space inside the ITX case and compatible with more motherboards and motherboard hardware non-interference.

Equipped with LRC2.0 lighting system, various lighting modes make the pump box integrated CPU cold head look level to a higher level, making personal PCS more distinctive.