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Intel has released a range of storage devices: the auron memory

2019-05-27 23:15 The author:Administrator

At last night's Intel data center innovation day, Intel not only released the new Cascade Lake architecture to the strong scalable processor, but also supported the Optane DC Persistent Memory besides doubling the number of core products. Therefore, Intel released a series of new storage products in addition to the new processor last night.

Intel has said for a long time that the otg series products can be divided into two categories. One is the otg SSD which has been released now, and the other is the otg Memory which can be plugged into the Memory interface. Please note that otg Memory is not the Optane Memory which can only be used for hard disk acceleration, but the Optane DC Persistent Memory which can be used for Memory.

Optane DC Persistent Memory has the same appearance as the current DDR4 Memory. Its performance is slightly slower than DRAM Memory, but it has a larger capacity. More importantly, the data in it will not be lost due to power failure. It has two work modes, one is the Memory Mode, this Mode it will imitate into DDR4 Memory, and make the system more Memory available, each CPU interface can be installed a proud 3 TB of Memory and room 1.5 terabytes of DDR4, can obtain 4.5 terabytes of total Memory, DDR4 proud will act as a buffer Memory and storage room area, Memory delay will increase slightly, but you will get more Memory space. In addition to non-volatile memory, which does not lose data on restarts and shutdowns, Intel says it reduces database load time by 40 minutes, and its presence significantly reduces device downtime.
Another way to work is App Direct Mode, which is like a hard Disk plugged into a memory slot. It has the performance of a RAM Disk, but the software must be redesigned to give the device the full performance of the storage system.
Intel will provide 128GB, 256GB and 512GB Optane DC Persistent Memory modules, each CPU can be installed with 6 out Memory, but at least one DDR4 should be installed, which is expected to be available in June.

Dual interface Optane SSD DC D4800X, and now the DC P4800X different places is that it has two U. 2 interface, the role of double interface is mainly to improve the reliability of equipment, when one of the interface failure can also have another interface when redundant data port, of course each interface only PCI - E 3.0 x2 bandwidth, the pride of the dual interface teng SSD only U. 2 version.

Intel DC d5-p4326 is a supplement to the previous 7.68tb d5-p4320, which can provide greater storage density. QLC flash memory is also used, with two capacities of 15.36tb and 30.72tb. EDSFF e1.l standard is also used, which is the same shape as the ruler. Compared with P4320, P4326 has better random read and continuous write performance besides larger capacity. The continuous read performance remains unchanged, and the random write speed in stable state is reduced to some extent, only 11K IOPS, the continuous read and write speed is 3,200/1600 MB/s, and the random read has 580K IOPS.