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COLORFUL IGAME GTX1080TI VULCAN X OC Graphics card cold head are upcoming

2019-05-27 23:15 The author:Administrator

BARROW Independent research and development of COLORFUL IGAME GTX1080TI VULCAN X OC graphics card cold head are upcoming,Let me show you the graphics card.

(Images from zhongguancun

We are going to provide a new cold head for the water-cooler friends,Don't worry about using the original radiator for less than ideal heat dissipation.

Cold heads can be closely fitted COLORFUL IGAME GTX1080TI VULCAN X OC graphics card,Cold head can perfect contact with the chip of the radiating PCB,It can also provide a good heat dissipation efficiency for the core, memory, power supply and tantalum capacitors.

For the original function not to be cuddowd,The designer also specially developed an aluminum alloy cover that can match the LCD status of the original LCD,State monitor screen with metal top cover is a full of technical sense.
More black tech is no longer detailed, please pay attention to the latest developments on the website.