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NVIDIA posted graphics card(TITAN V):Volta architecture,price 2999 dollar

2019-05-27 23:15 The author:Administrator

At the end of the year, see you won't be in this year to see what surprises, NVIDIA CEO jen-hsun huang is on the NIPS conference held recently, suddenly announced the first Volta architecture based graphics TITAN V, claim that it is currently the most powerful graphics card, PC deep learning capacity of 110 tflops, of course the price also the same powerful, sold for $2999

NVIDIA's Volta architecture was originally used for Supercomputeing, and NVIDIA has previously introduced GPU for commercial and scientific research to accelerate the Tesla V100, this time TITAN V is aimed at the consumer PC market. Compared to the new architecture, Pascal has twice the efficiency improvement, and based on the AI and machine learning characteristics of nowadays popularity, joined the Tensor Tensor computing unit, Volta architecture also on the bus using the second generation NVLink, two-way total bandwidth 300 gb/s.
From the images released by NVIDIA, the TITAN V graphics card continues to look like a 10-series diamond cut design with a tuhao gold color, which still cools the single turbine fan. Internal core graphics (GV100) using TSMC 12 nm FFN process technology, the number of transistors to 21.1 billion, a total of 5120 CUDA unit, core base frequency 1200 MHZ, Boost the frequency 1455 MHZ, the biggest can provide 110 tflops deep learning operation ability, for the first generation of TITAN Xp nine times, and single precision performance of 15 tflops.
TITAN V from Tesla V100 4096 - bit reduced to 3072 - bit, 12, 16 GB GB HBM2 memory, memory frequency 850 MHZ, the equivalent data frequency 1700 MHZ, the bandwidth of up to 652.8 GB/s, and TITAN V L2 cache to reduce to 4.5 MB, which makes in depth study on operational performance was slightly worse than Tesla V100 tflops (112), the graphics card power supply interface is 6 + 8 pin, graphics TDP 250 w, display interface of 3 DP + 1 HDMI.

In addition to the hardware specifications of powerful, NVIDIA also provides a free AI software, new graphics used on the GPU Cloud platform for development, so the TITAN V is not just a game card, it also can play the AI, deep learning and high-performance computing.
The TITAN V graphics card, which sells for $2,999, is currently available on NVIDIA's U.S. website

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