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New photos of LGA-1700/1800 sockets are exposed, Intel may launch new firmware update technology in the future

2021-09-16 09:02 The author:Administrator

In June of this year, the media disclosed the required dimensions of the heat sink installation for Intel’s next-generation Core series processors, and exposed the new LGA 1700 socket (Socket V) while retaining the 37.5mm width while increasing the length to 45mm. It becomes a rectangle, and its Z height will be reduced from 7.3mm to 6.5mm. New installation fasteners are also needed for the radiator.


In addition to the 12th generation Core series desktop processors (Alder Lake/600 series chipsets), the 13th generation Core series desktop processors (Raptor Lake/700 series chipsets) will also use LGA 1700 sockets. There is even news that The 14th generation Core series desktop processor (Meteor Lake) may also be used.

Earlier, bilibili user @热心民绘边怪 posted a clear photo of the socket named LGA-1700/LGA-1800. VideoCardz believes that this socket labeled "15R1" may have more than 100 pins for future processors, or suitable for similar workstation-level processors, but it is not known for the time being.


In addition, according to Phoronix reports, Intel's recent patch for the Linux kernel shows that Intel is currently developing a new technology called "Intel Seamless Update" that will benefit all users of Intel processors. This technology enables firmware updates without restarting. Intel does this because some target customers’ hosts need to be updated frequently, which may be bug fixes, security fixes, or performance enhancements, but they usually have to be restarted. Each time it may cause several minutes of service interruption, which will impair operation and maintenance. Great inconvenience (such as the medical system).

Intel’s goal is to update the firmware without interruption and without restarting at the same time. This feature may be introduced with the Sapphire Rapids processor.