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Announcement of heat sink installation requirements for Intel's new generation of LGA 1700 sockets, height will be reduced

2021-05-25 14:26 The author:Administrator

Intel will use the new LGA 1700 socket (Socket V) on the next-generation Core series processors, which is a major upgrade of mainstream desktop processor sockets since 2004.

The LGA 775 socket launched in 2004 has a size of 37.5×37.5 mm. Although the socket has changed over the years, the overall size and installation method of the LGA 1200 socket used until now have not changed. However, on the LGA 1700 socket, Intel retains a width of 37.5mm, but the length will increase to 45mm, changing from a square to a rectangle.


According to Igor's Lab, more details of the LGA 1700 socket were announced, including the installation requirements for the radiator, and the relevant size chart was provided. The Z height will be reduced from 7.5mm to 6.5mm, and a new installation is required for the radiator. Accessories.

Many manufacturers have already considered the needs of the LGA 1700 socket in the design of the radiator recently launched, and even the matching accessories are ready. We have already seen this on the products sent by our manufacturers for evaluation. Share. In addition, although some manufacturers do not provide accessories for new sockets on the radiators currently sold, they have promised to provide new accessories on certain models of radiators.


According to the reference standard radiator size, the radiator used by the processor with a TDP of 65W or less in the future is not much different from the existing one, but it is not compatible with the installation.


More interestingly, Intel seems to be developing a new generation of semiconductor cooling radiators, which may be an updated version of the MasterLiquid ML360 Sub-Zero launched by Intel and CoolerMaster last year. Although Intel's next generation Alder Lake processor will use 10nm Enhanced SuperFin process, but for high-end processors, the heat is still enormous.