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Barrow CPU Cold head product upgrades

2019-05-27 23:13 The author:Administrator

      Currently on the market the cold head and Barrow some CPU cold head similar degree is higher, in order to improve product uniqueness, deepen the impression in the eyes of consumers and display large quality, so we decided to head to cold upgrade, upgrade in product appearance and practicality, while considering the user experience, we have to upgrade cold head installation method.

     In water coldness, the lamplight of dazzle is indispensable, lamplight not only can coordinate the color collocation of the case, and can add a variety of hues inside the cabinet. Building a colorful water-cooled machine box has always been the pursuit of high-end players. The cold head is equipped with colored lights, cold heads with standard LRC1.0 and upgraded LRC2.0 light belts to choose from

     On the basis of the original acrylic cover, the design of honeycomb color shell is added, with the light of the honeycomb colorful shell, more CPU cooling head added a trace of mystery.

     For 115 x platform installation we also has carried on the upgrade, cancel the hexagonal copper column before installation, using the color back and front screw installation, the user to the installation of the cold head is more simple and convenient.

     At present, the cold head has not been listed, more information please continue to follow the latest developments on the website.