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Join BARROW for Chinajoy2018

2019-05-27 23:13 The author:Administrator

The China international digital interactive entertainment expo 2018 has been successfully held in Shanghai from August 3 to 6, 2018, during which the appearance of various Cosplay and Showgirl attracted many visitors' attention. ...

On the first day of the exhibition, people's oral focus should be this dragon butcher's knife, maybe because of the typhoon, the dragon butcher's knife standing at the entrance of the pavilion was broken before it lasted a day!

(it is estimated that the mumu's posthumous collection was also taken)

Tu long bao dao fell, next to the family of the dragon began to move.
The day's events, triggered by the dragon butcher's sword, became the focal point outside the pavilion.

Here's a look at what's going on inside the stadium:
Entering the venue, the first thing I saw was so many pretty little sisters and Showgirl goddesses. After watching the performance of my little sisters, I can go to see our MOD exhibition machine.

(various little sisters at the scene)

(and in-game characters)

Besides various Cosplay and pretty little sister, the water-cooled MOD area is also a "major disaster area" for tourists to watch. Many excellent MOD products in the exhibition area attract tourists to stop, and different design styles and elements are integrated into the machine box to make it have different styles.

This is the MOD console with the theme of battleship. The MOD personal console is installed inside the ship. This is not only a MOD console, the author has sublimated it into a piece of art.

The viper, on the other hand, drives into an suv with a PUBG supply box next to it, to simulate the real environment of the game.

The MOD author of the guajavic also got a novel "piggy page" sticker on the side of the case, which has also allowed the personal MOD console to sell itself to the animation industry.

At the Chinajoy2018 conference, there are many excellent MOD machines. Every MOD exhibition machine has been infused with countless painstaking efforts of the author. From the author's conception to research and development, through assembly, construction of water cooling to the completion of the design, it takes the author's one thought to present an excellent MOD work to the public.

Players can also find the shadow of BARROW in MOD and other water-cooling works. The following is the work created by the first person of Chinese MOD, Xing Kai. Among them, BARROW's newly upgraded supreme cold head and BARROW's specially developed cold head for M2 hard disk are used.

High-end water cooling, always accompanied by BARROW.