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"The rope" was sweeping ZOTAC 1060x-g OC development card will be avai

2019-05-27 23:13 The author:Administrator

Believe every players know, choose GTX1060 on major shopping website by sales rankings, ranked first is thortex the GTX 1060-6 gd5 X - Gaming OC, and is now a hot style of the graphics card, so we are devoted to the research and development of the cold end of the match

With years of strong research and development strength, thortex high-end series has been impressed players stacking and the pursuit to the limit, so also BA, followed the trend of The Times, specifically for this one hot style graphics matching a cold head, for each big players to solve the problem of heat dissipation performance can not meet the ideal range.

The time and price of the cold head is not yet announced

Stay tuned for more information