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New product recommendation: LGA3647 server cold head is on the way... ...

2019-05-27 23:13 The author:Administrator

Early a few years, Intel in CPU socket is notoriously hard-working, mainstream market from the socket to LGA1155, followed by LGA1151 LGA1150 to today, the high-end market changes from LGA1366 to LGA2011, LGA2011-3, in those days a year a change but let everybody complain, now is a in the two years, LGA3647 slot has come now, a number of stitches and big, slot is at once.

Intel originally planned to start the 10nm process in 2016, but it has been delayed repeatedly due to the delay in meeting the production standard. It has now been confirmed to be delayed until 2019, and it is not confirmed in the second half of the first half of the year.
Therefore, Intel can optimize 14 nm, consumption level has increased the Kaby Lake, Lake, Coffee again to a Whisley Lake, the server is temporarily increase the generation "Casade Lake", most of the specifications and now Skylake - SP Xeon Scalable (Xeon extensible) about the same, only local enhancement, named on the estimate will continue to be divided into PlaTInum PlaTInum, Gold, Gold, Silver, Silver, Bronze, Bronze four series.
Remain unchanged: according to according to the information Cascade Lake specifications include: 14 nm technology, Socket P LGA3647 encapsulated interface, up to 28 core 56 threads, thermal design, 70-205 w power consumption, double/four/eight-way extension, every road three UPI bus 10.4/9.6 GTs (speed), six channels DDR4 RDIMM/LPDIMM memory, every road most 12 memory and 48 PCI - E 3.0 channel.
16 gb memory, support DDR4 memory particles, therefore each road capacity can be doubled to 1.5 TB, frequency of words each article 12 all with maintaining maximum 2666 MHZ, every road 6 half is raised to 2933 MHZ, at the same time some models support DDR - T, Apache Pass.
In addition, Cascade Lake has added the FPGA option to integrate Arria 10 with multi-chip encapsulation.
The chipset is fully used in the current Lewisburg C624, with no changes in specifications, such as up to four 10GbE, 14 SATA 6Gbps, 14 USB 2.0, 10 USB 3.0, 20 pci-e 3.0...
However, the biggest benefit of Cascade Lake is that it will be redesigned in the server domain for the first time, with two major security holes, such as immune Meltdown and Spectre, that require no extra patches.

By data shows: the mainboard specifications support thermal design of up to 205 w power consumption processor, but also dual LGA3647, requiring the calorific value of the stability of the workstation and server platforms, often worry about machines because of the long running high temperature lead to crashes and other unknown situation, two-way TDP205W processor under the long running the heat is made by ordinary air cooled radiator not stable suppressed, so that the devil of calorific value of water cannot be suppressed.
Before for AMD X399 platform and EPYC server platform introduced a large "whale shark" cold head, BARROW and BARROWCH products now cover the AMD server platform, as well as AMD AM4, AM3, FM2 and INTEL 115 x, x99 / x299 grades and desktop platform.
Now coming in view of the cold head INTEL server platform, show that BARROW water-cooled CPU cold head products will cover on the market all the high-end platform, including the server platform, it also reflected a water-cooled manufacturer's responsibility in the service of high-end users.
The cold head of LGA3647 platform is now in tight production, and the favorite friends can pay attention to the latest developments of BARROW official WeChat public and official flagship stores.