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BARROW COLORFUL VOLCAN series of water cooled head is about to go public

2019-05-27 23:13 The author:Administrator

At the request of the majority of players, currently BARROW designed a more comprehensive water cooling head for the rainbow VOLCAN series。

It is understood that the above is forthcoming cold head compatible three graphics card, since it started issuing VOLCAN seven series, performance and appearance has been to follow the trend of The Times, before we had for seven VOLCAN 1080 ti has issued a series of graphics card head cold, the cold head is well received by the player, should be the player's proposal, at the same time we also designed a compatible with seven VOLCAN series 1060, 1070, 1080, graphics card of the cold head, which meet the requirements of the performance of the players, and can be compatible with more graphics model at the same time.

In GTX1080, the seven rainbow is a rising star, with GP104 cores and 2560CUDAs units, which make the performance stronger. Graphics Settings for players with a key overclocking techniques can be more robust performance, powerful performance is associated with high calorific value, so the players choose a broader water-cooled heat dissipation efficiency and stronger compatibility head very necessary.