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Barrowch Speed series wheel concept box: gives you the possibility to conquer extreme Speed

2019-06-09 16:51 The author:Administrator

Heard blow street sports car, also not every bad finished watching "the speed and passion", don't assume that turn the car into the garage parking at that moment, you can think quietly, no matter you are to experience the feeling of locomotive speeding in a gourmet coaster, or in the harbor, GTA wanton rush, as long as you are there beside the computer monitor, you are the most beautiful boy this street!


The Speed series wheel hub concept chassis adopts advanced design and selects the wheel hub as the carrier of the whole PC hardware. The 18-inch aluminum alloy wheel hub serves as the external protection of the entire chassis, protecting all PC hardware inside.


Innovative advanced thinking, the choice of the hub as the carrier of the entire chassis, make everything possible, let everything change beyond imagination.


The main body of the Speed series hub concept chassis is made of aluminum alloy as the substrate, and the exterior is made of spray paint technology, which also indicates that the exterior color of the Speed series hub concept chassis can be changed according to the customized requirements of players. At the same time, the inner sheet metal parts are made of aluminum alloy and anode technology, which is a good choice of substrate, and also proves that the Speed series wheel hub concept chassis has solid materials and solid foundation.


The Speed series wheel hub concept chassis can be equipped with two installation modes: air cooling and water cooling. The installation convenience of air cooling and the strong heat dissipation efficiency of water cooling are included in the two installation modes.


Speed series hub concept before and after the case all use 5 mm thick toughened glass on both sides, the front glass panel embedded suspended within the spokes and back after installed air-cooled version of toughened glass can be installed to the back of the case, on both sides of the glass dust protection for the case as a whole, players can also be observed through the clear glass on the operation of the internal hardware.


The Speed series hub concept chassis supports the installation of ITX, mATX and ATX motherboards and supports the installation of air-cooled and water-cooled graphics CARDS with a length of up to 295mm. This installation specification can be adapted to most of the major platforms to meet the needs of most players.


Meanwhile, Speed series wheel hub concept chassis supports large capacity storage, equipped with SSD*1 and HDD*2 mounting holes, and equipped with 2 sets of hard disk mounting brackets, which can be assembled as needed under different installation conditions.


The Speed series wheel hub concept chassis supports the installation of commercially available ATX sized power supply, and the power installation position supports the forward and reverse installation of power supply. The power installation bracket equipped with the random box can effectively assist and fix ultra-heavy power supply.


When installing the air cooling installation scheme, the CPU supports the installation of cooling equipment with a height below 90MM.


In the water-cooling installation of the Speed series wheel hub concept chassis, the rear water-cooling bracket is equipped with the installation of double 240 cold rows, and it supports the installation of the double 240 cold rows without thickness limit. The specification of the double 240 cold rows + the cold rows without thickness limit is enough to meet the cooling requirements of players.


Let's take a look at the Speed series wheel concept chassis installation process: