BARROW 12*8 Acrylic Tube(ID: 8MM, OD: 12MM, Length: 500MM) YK12-8


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The product description:


Transparent acrylic tube

Use with BarrowG1/4" hard pipe connection series joints

Suitable for hard pipe DIY users. After the user cuts the pipe to the appropriate size, please perform primary sanding on both ends of the pipe body. Be sure to keep the cut smooth and not sharp, otherwise it will puncture the inner sealing ring of the joint and cause hidden dangers.

Barrow acrylic pipes are made in strict accordance with industry standards. All products are produced using new raw materials, with excellent light transmittance, good high temperature resistance, high-grade appearance quality, and the most stringent scratch and scratch control standards and dimensions in the industry. The roundness control standard, especially the strict control of the dimensional tolerance, ensures the matching effect with the joint, and eliminates the water leakage caused by the oval tube

The finished pipes shipped from September 2015 have been pre-chamfered on both ends and used a new disposable sealed package.

The length is newly upgraded to 500MM, the price remains the same, and there is no increase in the price.

Material: Acrylic

Length: 500MM

Quantity: 1PCS /