Compression Fitting

Choice Multicolor G1/4" Compression Fitting Alloy ring (ID3/8-OD5/8)Soft Tubing Alloy ring


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The product description:


Choice series color three points (3/8") thin tube hand screw joint officially on the market

Change the monotonous color of traditional water-cooling joint products, 12 different colors, meet your requirements of diverse colors, and form your personal configuration

The multi-color hand-twisting ring is made of aluminum alloy/brass. The hand-twisting ring is only used for physical fastening and has no direct contact with the cooling liquid in the waterway

Note: this product only supports BARROW brand (Choice series hard tube quick connection connector TFHRKN38B)

Choice series connection to use the experience for our players with a new joint and a broader product selectivity, joint main body has a hidden six Angle groove structure, with the tools of type 8 MML hex wrench can convenient installation and disassembly operations, in the case of don't need to replace the joint main body parts, through the Choice to replace different color hand twist ring can be realized more flexible free upgrades, (namely late more color of choose and buy the hand ring, and does not need to purchase a complete set of joints, which can be taken on a new look)

Please note that this is a multi-colored hand twist ring! Hand twist ring! Hand twist ring! Say something important three times!!!

Due to different computer monitors and other reasons, the goods may appear color difference, the actual color is subject to the receipt of goods.

Material: brass/aluminum alloy

Product quantity: 1PCS/piece