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RGB full colour LED water tank uses quartz glass to light up the components FDTL


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Barrow LED full-color water tank special lighting component, for the tank function expansion component, can provide the tank interior gorgeous light rendering effect, the overall use of composite structure support, independent parts, easy to install, just screw screw holes in the tank, up and down positions can be

LED full color water tank special lighting components, such as multi-color static switch, brightness adjustment, dynamic multi-color adjustment, gradient, breathing lights, flashing and other special effects

Adopts system into quartz glass tube, quartz glass small thermal expansion coefficient of 5.5 x 10 to 7 / ℃, only 1/12 ~ 1/20 of ordinary glass, non-conforming material sample testing standards for rapidly in cold water after burn up to 1200 ℃, repeated three times above are not allowed to crack, the highest temperature inside can easily cope with water cooling system and temperature condition, and built-in dual o-ring seal, providing the highest level of security protection.

Due to the limitation of LED bead luminescent Angle, the LED circuit and the connector are open structure. After tightening the connector, the user can manually rotate the LED circuit board to adjust the Angle to achieve the best luminescent effect

The product is compatible with LRC full color RGB lighting control system.

This product is standard without controller. If you need controller, please buy it separately.

FDTL155 length :125mm