Stop Fitting

Multicolor New CD Composite plate Finish Stop Plug Fitting (Black)


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The product description:


Hand screw type sealing lock, use simple hand twisting knurled part rotation, suitable for sealing use reserved or extended G1/4 internal thread interface
The main body of the product is made of brass, CD lines embedded in a panel at the top of Aluminum Alloy material, embossed button concept innovative design style, strong stereoscopic sense, CD lines at different angles of illumination effect can appear under the glare of the reflection effect of rich, improve the overall water beauty, we provide rich colors for your choice of color collocation and provide a more efficient solution for users to build a color scheme.
Due to different computer monitors and other reasons, the product may be color, the actual color to receive the goods.
Product material: brass, aluminum alloy
Thread specification: G1/4 (international general dental)
Product quantity: 1PCS / only
Optional color: Black / silver / white (main body color)