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2016 New Manual automatic integrated Exhaust valve


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Barrow 2016 new manual self - assembly type exhaust valve tpqz-v2

Used for water pressure, water cooling system run more for closed running condition, as the cold fluid temperature rise, can produce internal pressure, the internal pressure increases the compressive strength of connection part, and indirectly affect the service life of the system and its stability, through the release of internal stress, can rise to improve the water-cooling system running stability, low running for best.

Pressing the front button can play the role of manual high-flow exhaust, and the system will automatically play the role of slow-release exhaust through the built-in hydrophobic filter element in the future operation process, and block the passage of water molecules

As the internal pressure discharge device of the water cooling system, it must be installed at the upper nozzle. When pressing the front button, it will be in the unsealed exhaust state. If the lower nozzle will cause water overflow, it is recommended to install it at the upper part of the water tank.

Operation instructions: press the front key to exhaust, release the key to automatically reset and seal, tpqz-v2 has automatic release exhaust

Note: the manual self-integrated exhaust valve is based on the scientific principle that the volume of water molecules is larger than the volume of air molecules. When pressure is generated in closed waterways, air molecules will be discharged through nanoscale microporous hydrophobic filtration membrane. However, when water molecules encounter hydrophobic filtration membrane, they cannot pass because the volume of water molecules is too large. Therefore, this filter belongs to the method of slow-release and instant exhaust. Theoretically, when there is pressure exceeding 0.1KPI, exhaust can be carried out, and the process will continue to produce, namely, exhaust when there is pressure.

Due to different computer monitors and other reasons, the goods may appear chromatic aberration, the actual color to receive the goods shall prevail.

Material: brass

Specification of male thread: G1/4

Product quantity: 1PCS/piece

Optional color: classic black/blood red/emerald green/champagne gold/sand silver/lake blue/sapphire blue/titanium grey/Roland purple