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Multi colour led strip, water proof 50CM/100CM(Aurora)


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The product description:


Function: installed in the computer cabinet slot, rich and powerful lighting control, so that your PC light up.
Light module for detachable structure, with independent IC lamp assembly, synchronous luminous mode compared with the standard RGB light module, the lamp module can be realized with each LED lamp are asynchronous independent color change, collocation Aurora LRC2.0 BARROW controller system, can achieve up to 300 kinds of dynamic and static lighting (manual type lamp control system mode than remote control type small number); such as Aurora, rainbow flashing and chasing, jumping, clockwise, counterclockwise, happy happy happy, happy color, monochrome single chase, water, lightning etc..........
Ps: manual control for full dynamic program, no color, often bright mode.
The product is compatible with the LRC2.0 version lighting control system, and is not compatible with the current video card and motherboard integrated dimming system interface and procedures.
This product comes with no controller. If you need a controller, please purchase it separately.

Matters needing attention:
If the lamp belt is too long, it needs cutting. Please cut it according to the cutting mark of the band. Improper cutting may cause the part of the lamp belt to lose its luminous function