Barrow pump for watercooling -PWM-18W(full coverage)


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Specially designed for water cooling system, it can provide sufficient circulation power for the system and maintain long-term stable working condition

Note: spg40a-x is an integral water pump, including pump core, pump cover and fully covered aluminum alloy shell, which can be used independently

There are a variety of color schemes available, please refer to customer service for details

Model: SPG40A - X

Signal interface: big 4Pin+PWM automatic speed adjustment + data feedback

Type of pump: permanent magnet synchronous pump

Drive technology: four layer PCB, all solid state

Load speed: Max4800rpm

Voltage power consumption: DC12V TOP18W

Voltage range: 8V-16V

Output head: 4 m

Traffic: 1260 l/H

Operating temperature: below 4000rpm, 38°

Pump cover material: POM/PMMA

Heat dissipation shell material: aluminum alloy


1. Do not idle the water pump for a long time, otherwise it will cause irreparable loss.

2. When in use, please turn the water inlet of the pump upward so that the cooling liquid flows into the water inlet of the pump naturally due to gravity. Do not turn the water inlet of the pump downward to avoid affecting the normal operation of the pump.

3. Before use, distinguish the inlet and outlet of the pump to avoid affecting normal use

This water pump set can connect D5 YKD5G65 series water pump specially modified upper cover expansion water tank components

Due to the upgrade of product appearance, the appearance of wire material changes, specific to the actual receipt of the product shall prevail.