pump for watercooling -PWM-18W (full coverage) white


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The product description:

Designed for water cooling system, can provide sufficient circulatory power for the system, and maintain long-term stable working state

Note: SPG40A-X for the whole water pump, including pump core, pump cover and full cover aluminum alloy shell, can be used independently
There are a variety of color scheme options, please refer to specific customer service
Model: SPG40A-X
Signal interface: large 4Pin+PWM automatic speed control + data feedback
Pump type: permanent magnet synchronous pump
Drive technology: four PCB, all solid state
Load speed: Max4800rpm
Voltage power consumption: TOP18W DC12V
Voltage range: 8V-16V
Output head: 4 meters
Max flow: 1260L/H
Operating temperature: 38 degrees below 4000rpm
Pump cover material: POM/PMMA
Radiator shell material: aluminum alloy
Customer service service: non-human failure within 1 years free replacement (do not damage the pump cover on the warranty labels, such as damage will lose warranty service)


Note: the circular pump cover and two side hole hole is a water inlet, a water outlet hole is also. The circular groove at the bottom of the pump cover is connected to the water outlet hole, another hole for water hole.
Or more intuitive and the circular pump cover bracket fixed at an angle of 180 degrees to the hole outlet, another water inlet.