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DDC Water Pump-Water Tank Integral Modified Suite(164.3MM, Black/Transparent Black/Black)


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The product description:


Designed for DDC/MCP355/MCP350 series pump R & D design of the pump cover water tank integration solutions
The pump cover and the water tank can be freely combined and separated, pump cover used alone under the state of separation, and later buy tube components with different length to upgrade
Circular tube in the shooting, subject to light refraction and reflection, such as photo effects showing distorted deformation in the actual product will not occur, please rest assured to buy.
Main material: PMMA POM
Tooth gauge: G1/4 (international general tooth gauge)
Quantity: 1PCS / group
Type 3080 maximum outline size: 62MM (long) *62MM (wide) *114.3MM (height)
Type 3130 maximum outline size: 62MM (long) *62MM (wide) *164.3MM (height)
Type 3180 maximum outline size: 62MM (long) *62MM (wide) *214.3MM (height)
Type 3230 maximum outline size: 62MM (long) *62MM (wide) *264.3MM (height)
Annular plastic support: 2
L type metal stent: 2
Screw specification: M4*30 M4*22 (8)
Wrench tool: M4 (package with wrench tool)