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T virus D5/SPG40A integrated spriral Reservoir pump cover(Black POM)


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The product description:白色螺旋/橙色螺旋/蓝色螺旋/红色螺旋/绿色螺旋/紫色螺旋


T virus D5/SPG40A integrated spriral Reservoir pump cover is The Barrow TLYK series spiral T cylindrical water tank and pump cover D5 virus integration after an integrated product, which provides a more consistent appearance and high integration advantages, only need to fix the pump cover, no longer need to install the fixed bracket tank, better overall coordination, PD5YKT series of products have a variety of length and color selection.
Spiral UV strong effect, the unique production process can ensure a reasonable proportion of UV ratio, without adding any UV content of cold liquid as an adjuvant, the spiral part can show a strong UV brightness
2, spiral suspension design, a middle water tank passes through a similar acrylic tube design
2-1 reduced mid tube cracking or acrylic Water Leakage, lead to serious hidden dangers of hydropower contact
2-2 beautify the visual effect, spiral suspension effect is more good to hear or see
UV lighting tank for the independent component 2-3 lengthened composite material (optional accessories), hit the head from the main body to create a whole quartz glass tube, to provide the best protection grade cold cathode fluorescent lamp, and easy disassembly, and this work is so simple a stop lock screw.
2-4 at the top of the tank 2 G1/4 prefabricated threaded interface, mid interface can be used in a lighting installation component, interface can be used to install the valve functional connector products.
Aluminum alloy fixed bracket hole 50MM, can be compatible with DDC type pump installation hole, and in BARROW universal cold row fixed bracket compatible
Perfect connection with original pump. Can also be used with LD5HK-V1 aluminum alloy cooling components.
Vertical installation can be used, but also horizontal installation. Give players more freedom.
The two was a 90 degree angle inlet and outlet hole bit. Easier to maintain the vertical or horizontal pipe hard water direction, the actual effect is more beautiful.
Compatibility list:
Product material: PMMA-POM
Product quantity: 1PCS / sets