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Top For D5/SPG40A Pump Cover(Circular)- Can Connect The Reservoir


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External upgrade into a round, smaller size, more space saving. The internal cavity structure is optimized.

The pump cover support pump box integrated development, pump cover used alone, the tube assembly also can choose different length to upgrade.
The fixed bracket hole distance 50MM of aluminum alloy can be compatible with the installation hole of DDC type water pump, and is compatible with the BARROW universal cold discharge and fixed support.
Perfect connection with original water pump. Can also be used in conjunction with LD5HK-V1 aluminum alloy cooling components.
Can be installed upright, but also can be used for horizontal installation. Give players more freedom of space.
The two was a 90 degree angle inlet and outlet hole bit. It is easy to maintain the vertical or horizontal direction of the hard pipe water, and the actual effect is more beautiful.